Mutilate A Doll 2 Unblocked

If you love playing torture games, I am sure that Mutilate A Doll 2 is a game for you. This is the second version of the game, but if you have not played the first version, you didn't missed anything. The second edition is absolutely the same but has a lot of new tools and weapons. Developers did a really great job by adding all those weapons and new items. Let me tell you a few words about them

It is a game for having some fun with the poor ragdoll. As soon as you open the game you will notice a ragdoll in front of you, at a list of items at left side of the screen. It's a dropdown list and all weapons and items are categorised according to it's options. For example, if you open the Sharp objects menu, you will see knifes,axes and so on. Just click the needed item and it will appear on the screen. Use it as you wish - slice and kill ragdoll, destroy and start over and over again.

How To Play

Playing this game is very easy - the only button that you will need is a mouse right button. There a lot of options in the game, you can even choose the skin of the ragdoll or get some new dress for him. As soon as you destroy him, press the reset button and it will appear unhurt in front of you. Hope that you will enjoy playing the Mutilate A Doll 2 Unblocked at school.

If we compate it to the previous version, we will notice a lot of new items and stuff. Developers added so many things in the game that you will spend more than half an hour just by browsing them all and testing. The weapons as well as other items are put into different categories - for example Sharp Objects, Blades and so on. You can even use a giant bomb in this game. Hope you will enjoy the game and have fun mutilating the doll.

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